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Are you making this PPC mistake?

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Pay-per-click advertising is a fantastic way to bring traffic to your ecommerce site and generate sales. It can get expensive, though, if it’s done ineffectively.

There is a common mistake I see online stores make, and without realizing it, they’re hurting their conversions (turning “clicks” into “sales”). The mistake?

Setting the “landing page” of every ad to go to the homepage.

At first glance, this may seem like a great idea. The visitor gets to see all that you have to offer, as well as your welcome message and everything else your home page has to offer. The problem is that in most cases, people are not searching for your home page or even all that you have to offer – they are after one thing. And that one thing relates to the word or words they typed into the search engine.

Ecommerce sites are all about selling – specifically, meeting the customer when they’re in the buying mode. If you’re going to target specific keywords and phrases, follow it through by sending the visitor to the exact product or product category that matches their search. As an online shopper, I don’t want to do a search, see your ad, click on the ad, and then have to search again as soon as I get to your site because you’ve landed me on the home page.

The more specific the search, the closer the visitor is to buying, so it pays to shorten the distance between their search and your shopping cart. If you’d like to see your conversion rates improve, the prescription is simple: Set each ad’s landing page to the one page on your site that best matches the keywords that trigger that ad. If you can improve the correlation between the searcher’s keywords, the ad you show them, and the page you take them to, you’re guaranteed to boost your pay-per-click results.