ShopSite + WordPress Blog – Can it be Done?


I’ve just put the finishing touches on integrating a blog with my ShopSite store. Yes, it can be done!

But why would I want to do such a thing? Well, there are a few reasons:

  • It was a very fast way to get the site up and running
  • Search engines LOVE BLOGS
  • Blogs are an excellent content-management system – and I will have more content than “products” to manage with this site
  • To see how hard it would be (not too hard, as it turns out)
  • Access to a lot of different WordPress themes (for free)
  • Did I mention that search engines love blogs?

The connection between blog post and shopping cart will be accomplished through the implementation of ShopSite’s “Order Anywhere” functionality, but as my “product” count will be fairly low, this will prove much easier than trying to code an entire set of ShopSite-WordPress hybrid custom templates. (Although that does sound like an intriguing project to tackle sometime, eh?)

If there’s interest in how I went about it, I may write up a quick “how-to” guide. But first things first – click the “Cart” tab at the top of the page (or this shopping cart link) to see the cart integrated into the blog design. What do you think?



That’s way cool. I was wondering if it could be done. Do you have any issues with integrating wordpress/shopsite and the seo friendly urls in wordrpess? .htaccess just works the same?


Hi Russell,

Using SEO friendly URLs shouldn’t be a problem, and .htaccess functions just the same. The method I’m using right now to integrate the two:

1) I’m using the “Order Anywhere” feature of ShopSite to add the product order buttons to the WordPress blog

2) I made a customized ShopSite shopping cart template to match the look and feel of the blog

I’m currently exploring other methods of integrating ShopSite and WordPress, but that’s what I’ve come up with so far. Because the site itself is being generated by WordPress alone, everything should function just as it would otherwise.


I have installed wordpress blogs with pretty permalinks without the least problem, and have used .htaccess to direct dozens of machine names to subfolders, but putting this blog in a /blog subfolder has be frazzled. I’ve put the required regular expressions (with the /blog additions) in the main site htaccess after the shopsite, and I can’t see any conflict. This with NO htaccess in the /blog folder. AND I have let the main shopsite access as is, and put the standard wordpress (with /blog) htaccess in the /blog folder, and every other combination, I think. Without ‘pretty’ permalinks, it’s perfect, with them it’s a sure 404. Somebody’s got to have done it. Help, and thanks.


I am trying to do the same thing but I am not advanced in coding so I am struggling. Is there a simple way to do this that I may be missing. I would love a how to guide for this. Thanx!!


Hi Andy,
I’m trying to install ShopSite 10 on a WordPress website, but no matter what I do, it simply will not work with the cgi scripts. I even installed and configured perl on my wamp server program. if you can send me some instructions, even as a simple bulleted list, I will greatly appreciate this.


I’d be interested in a ‘quick how-to guide’…


Would be delighted!!! to purchase a “how-to” blueprint guide!!! Keep us posted :-)